I don’t know how to blog… but, yes, I do know how to procrastinate…

… because I’m doing that right now.  Yes, I should be doing that other stuff on the work to-do list that needs to get done.  And I could always go to bed early and get a good sleep (but it’s only 9:30pm and hubby’s not here to remind me that I do actually need sleep so I figure I can survive on 5 hrs sleep, meaning there’s still loads of time to get that done).  Or any number of sensible non-procrastination-driven things.  But I’m not, I’m creating this blog as a form of supreme procrastination and opportunity for future procrastination.  I fully do not expect anyone to actually read this thing but I don’t mind talking to myself.  Maybe it will be fun for my grandkids to accidentally discover in some strange time-shifting-internet-roulette game that will be all the procrastination rage in 30 years.

So why, you might ask, “HigherProcrastination”?  Well, I don’t really know.  I’m sitting here, kids in bed, planning to get that bit of the latest project done so that I could deliver this next-to-last phase to the client ahead of time (novel idea, I know).  And, instead of working, getting “things done” I’m, well, procrastinating.  HigherProcrastination just sort of flopped into my head. It seemed like a good idea… something more productive than sitting in front of the “boob tube”, as my late grandfather called it and much better than laundry.  Perhaps I have a desire for greater self-knowledge and improvement. Perhaps I am acting out in a narcissistic way that is sure to get me into intellectual trouble.  Perhaps I just want to see if there are others out there who, like me, love to hate procrastinating but can’t seem to avoid the temptation.

We’ll see…

Procrastinatress Extraordinaire


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